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Our specialties

Perch fillets from Lake Geneva 150 g  37.–

Perch fillets from Lake Geneva 220 g  48.–

Served with matchstick potatoes or plain potatoes and salad

Depending on the arrival of our fisherman Mr. Grandchamp & son

at La Tour-de-Peilz

Beef Tenderloin (Swiss) 250 g  59.–

Served on a slate with mixed salad, matchstick potatoes,

vegetables of the day and 3 homemade sauces

Grilled Horse Rib Steak (depending on availability) 250 g  44.–

Served on a slate with salad, matchstick potatoes,

vegetables of the day and 3 homemade sauces

Grilled Beef Entrecôte (Switzerland) 250 g  53.–

Served on a slate with salad, matchstick potatoes,

vegetables of the day and 3 homemade sauces

Entrecôte Maison de Cheval (depending on availability) 250 g  48.–

Served on a stove with salad and matchstick potatoes

Entrecôte House Beef (Swiss) 250 g  55.–

Served on a stove with salad and matchstick potatoes

Horse Supplement 27.–

Beef Supplement 33.–


Platter of cold meat and cheese 35.–

Platter of dried meat 35.–

Plain cheese crust 28.–

Cheese crust with egg 29.–

Cheese crust with egg and ham31.–

Portion of fries 9.–

Rösti, 2 fried eggs, green salad 21.–

Rösti Valaisan, green salad 26.–


Horse steak served medium rare with fries and salad 19.–

Chicken Nuggets, fries 16.–

Perch fillets, matchstick potatoes, salad 19.–

Children's dish Café de la Place Chez Francine


Shrimp cocktail 24.–

Lake perch fillets 150 g 32.–

Beef Carpaccio (Swiss) 22.–

Grana Padano, olive oil

Duck foie gras “Chez Francine” 23.–

Green Salad 7.–

Mixed salad 10.–

Snails 6 pieces 16.–

Snails 12 pieces 28.–

Tomato salad and mozzarella di buffala 17.–

Consommé with egg 7.–

Lobster Bisque15.–

Plate of Jerky 23.–

Crazy Tartars

Traditional beef tartar 44.–

Cannibal Beef Tartare45.–

Almonds, basil

Steak tartare of beef Italian mode 45.–

Grana Padano, olives

Beef tartare with Corsica 45.–

Sheep cheese with truffle

Crystal beef tartare 45.–

Tapenade, Grana Padano

Beef tartare with gorgonzola 45.–

Beef tartare Rossini style 47.–

Pan-fried foie gras

Supplement for green salad 7.–

Mixed salad supplement 10.–

Served with toast, butter and fries.

We can serve you the tartars as a starter from 2 people.

You can also order your tartare before noon by phone to

more speed! Midday service waiting about 20 minutes.

All our tartars are made with Swiss beef and cut by hand.

Best beef tartare Café de la Place Chez Francine

Summer menu

Prawn risotto (organic) and Grana Padano 37.–

Vegetarian risotto and Grana Padano 35.–

Pasta of the day with smoked salmon and cream sauce 29.–

Beef carpaccio (Swiss) 33.–

Grana Padano, olive oil

Plate of raw vegetables 25.–

Country salad 29.–

Gruyère AOP, bacon bits, croutons, eggs

Salad of Tomatoes and Mozzarella di Buffala 28.–

Italian Salad 29.–

Raw ham, tomatoes, mozzarella di Buffalo

Gourmet salad 37.–

Semi-cooked homemade foie gras, toast and butter

homemade dessert Café de la Place Chez Francine

Homemade desserts

Café Gourmand  12.–

(coffee with assortment of 3 homemade desserts) 

​Watered Coffee  12.–

(coffee with assortment of 3 watered down sorbets) 

Vermicelli with double cream  12.50

Lemon Tartlet  8.–

Homemade chocolate mousse   10.–

Chocolate fondant with vanilla scoop  13.50

Raisin au Marc  10.–

With scoop of vanilla ice cream  13.50

Pear poached in red wine and spices, Vanilla ice cream  10.–

Vanilla iced pavé drizzled with homemade cooked wine and  9.50

double cream

Homemade apple crumble flambéed with calvados   12.–

Cup of fresh fruit according to arrival:

Nature  8.–

Gruyère Double Cream  11.–

With scoop of flavored ice cream of your choice  11.50

Winter specialties

Pig trotters with cognac and Madeira, rösti 29.–

After 4 hours of preparation and cooking this old, forgotten recipe has been brought back into the spotlight and will delight you

Cream pudding, cornettes, cinnamon apple puree29.-

Cabbage sausages and papet Vaudois29.-

Pork fricassee, rösti 29.-

restaurant room Café de la Place Chez Francine
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