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Enjoy our selection of tours and excursions

  • Distance: 1km
    Duration: allow 3 hours
    About: Chaplin's World is a recently opened museum tracing the history and career of the illustrious

    character Charlie Chaplin, from our region.

  • Distance :1.6km
    Duration :allow 3 hours
    About: Embark on the authentic and surprising universe of nest a fun and interactive museum

    around the Nestlé company.

  • Distance: 3km
    Duration :allow 3 hours
    About: Take an educational family outing and have fun.

    Travel through the history of games and visit exhibitions designed

    for children and adults at the Swiss Games Museum at La Tour de Peilz.

    A guaranteed adventure for young and old awaits you at the Swiss Museum of Games!

  • Distance :12km
    Duration: allow 3 hours
    About: Chillon Castle, an architectural jewel in the most beautiful setting

    that can be imagined - Lake Geneva and the mountains.

  • Distance : 22 km
    Duration: allow 3 hours
    About : AQUATIS Aquarium-Vivarium Lausanne is a unique concept in Switzerland and Europe.

    It features live animals thanks to a totally immersive scenography and  interactive using technologies

    digital technology. It is positioned as the largest freshwater Aquarium-Vivarium in Europe.


  • Distance: about 5km
    Duration :allow 3 hours
    About : Discover the magnificent setting of the region via a pleasant walk

    along the lake between Vevey and La Tour-de-Peilz. many cafes,

    restaurants and shops line the lake.

  • Distance: about 5km
    Duration :allow 4 hours

    About:A dream course in a grandiose setting, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    On its slopes, the prestigious terraced Lavaux vineyard clings,

    unique construction, shaped by the hands of men over the centuries.

  • Distance: about 5km / Duration :allow 4 hours
    About: From the shores of Lake Geneva, passing through the Lavaux vineyards,

    Classified as a World Heritage Site, the Vevey – Chardonne – Mt-Pèlerin funicular will take you to more than 810 m

    altitude in less than 15 minutes. Then, after a 45-minute walk, arrived at the foot of the Mont-Pèlerin tower,

    you can visit the “Plein Ciel” radio tower and enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the lake, Chablais and the valley

    of the Rhone. In good weather you can even see the Grand Combin, second highest peak in French-speaking Switzerland.

  • Distance: less than 1km
    Duration: allow 1 hour
    About:  Discover the magnificent panorama of Lavaux via a walk in the vineyards,

    close to the Hotel-Restaurant de la Place.

  • Distance : about 1.9km
    Duration: allow 2 hours
    About : Every Tuesday and Saturday morning, discover the producers and

    local products in a warm and welcoming setting.



  • Distance: 300m
    Duration :5 minute walk
    About : Opposite the hotel is the large Charlie Chaplin park with a view of the lake, games for children,

    pétanque court, BBQ available, all free of charge.

  • Distance: about 1km
    Duration :allow 3 hours

    About:"Live Escape game" is a fun and exciting team game concept that consists of

    manage to escape from a room in a limited time (60 minutes) and

    practiced in groups of 2 to 6 people.

  • Distance: about 25km

    Duration :allow 4 hours
    About: SIf you have a family spirit, this universe is made for you! A few pinches of sensations

    strengths to share together in our slides. A hint of waves to upset your emotions.

    A few meters of river to let yourself be carried away by the current which will bring you closer together.

    A lot of good humor, and that's the recipe for a successful day.



  • Distance: about 2km
    Duration :allow 1 hour
    About : Cozy bar offering a wide selection of beers and whiskeys.

    Several themed evenings are organized regularly.

  • Distance: about 2.2km
    Duration :allow 1 hour

    About:This project was born from the union of friendships and skills with the objective of marrying aesthetics,

    architecture, art and entertainment. Wine, Beer, Champagne, Cocktail, Rum, Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Mezcal etc..

    Pure or mixed, feminine or masculine, as an aperitif or digestive, Everyone is benefiting.

  • Distance: about 1.7km

    Duration :allow 1 hour
    About: Of the National, you probably already know everything, even if you would never have put

    the feet (and you would be very wrong!…): because for more than seventeen years,

    not a season goes by without a press article bringing this place to our memory.

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